Tuesday, January 29, 2008

OMD Of Mexican Descent - Exitos y Mas Exitos

Of Mexican Descent / OMD - Exitos y Mas Exitos
Los Angeles hip-hop group with 2Mex of the Visionaries and Xololanxinxo of Toca.
Some classics like Money is Meaningless on their debut and only album.
This CD is the first issue on CD and includes some live performances also.
It's a shame they haven't made a follow up. Some definite heat right here.

1. I Am Still
2. Run These MC's
3. Bobby Up In Ya (The Blues Superhero)
4. The Clash
5. Money Is Meaningless
6. Medication
7. Lady of The Lake
8. Move Up (Live Recording)
9. Money Is Meaningless (Remix Live)
10. Alternative Live (Remix)
11. I Am Still (Live OG Version)

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Anonymous said...

old album...good album