Thursday, January 31, 2008

Xololanxinxo - The Victim: Tapes From a Stolen Car

Xololanxinxo - The Victim:Tapes From a Stolen Car

1. Smack (3:50)
2. Da Crazy Professor (2:44)
3. Monster Mash (6:40)
4. My Sad Fat Eyes (2:03)
5. Prison Corpes (5:13)
6. Smoke Signals (3:16)
7. Tears Of A Clown (1:31)
8. 20x A Day (Friends Are Biter's) (1:37)
9. Machine Made People (2:23)
10. Little Lips (2:52)
11. Shouldn't We (1:19)
12. Back Door Lover, Your Ladies Best Friend (3:20)
13. Chief Sarrow (1:18)
14. Even If You're A Player (Respect) (3:43)
15. The Secret Of Patience (4:02)
16. I Could Never Leaf (4:32)
17. Can't We Have Children (3:50)

Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Awol One & Daddy Kev - Killafornia EP

Awol One & Daddy Kev - Killafornia
Awol One of The Shapeshifters and LA super producer Daddy Kev bring you
their latest EP Killafornia. Some dope tracks.

1. The Unwanted
2. So Familiar
3. Looks Like
4. Unlucky Number
5. Dead Bartender

Tuesday, January 29, 2008

OMD Of Mexican Descent - Exitos y Mas Exitos

Of Mexican Descent / OMD - Exitos y Mas Exitos
Los Angeles hip-hop group with 2Mex of the Visionaries and Xololanxinxo of Toca.
Some classics like Money is Meaningless on their debut and only album.
This CD is the first issue on CD and includes some live performances also.
It's a shame they haven't made a follow up. Some definite heat right here.

1. I Am Still
2. Run These MC's
3. Bobby Up In Ya (The Blues Superhero)
4. The Clash
5. Money Is Meaningless
6. Medication
7. Lady of The Lake
8. Move Up (Live Recording)
9. Money Is Meaningless (Remix Live)
10. Alternative Live (Remix)
11. I Am Still (Live OG Version)

Sunday, January 27, 2008

The Nonce - The Right State of Mind

The Nonce - The Right State of Mind

This is the last music The Nonce (Nouka Basstype & Yusef Afloat) recorded before the death of Yusef Afloat. This is after "The Sight of Things".
Some snaps and pops give it that low-fi indy appeal of a used LP.

1. Test The DM
2. Open Up
3. Warp To Marvin
4. Your Best Is The Test
5. Check Book
6. Old School Rap
7. Foul Affiliated
8. To Day
9. Re-Test The DM

10. Bonus

Saturday, January 26, 2008

The Nonce - World Ultimate

The Nonce - World Ultimate
This hip-hop classic from Nouka Basstype & Yusef Afloat (RIP) that launched them
into the public's ears. Includes the hit's Mixtapes and Bus Stops. I challenge you to listen to Mixtapes and not catch yourself saying "I used to sell mixtapes but now i'm an MC" at least once during the day.
Early 90's hip-hop at it's best.
When rap city used to play heat not the junk they play now.

1. On The Air
2. Keep It On
3. Bus Stops
4. The West Is...
5. Mix Tapes
6. Testing
7. World Ultimate
8. Good To Go
9. On The Road Again
10. Hoods Like To Play
11. J To The I
12. Eighty Five
13. Mix Tapes (1926 Sunday Night Remix)

Friday, January 25, 2008

The Nonce - Advanced Regression

The Nonce - Advanced Regression

The Nonce is Nouka Basstype (aka Sach) and Yusef Afloat (RIP)
Recorded in 1992 before their classic World Ultimate album.
Classic early 90's Los Angeles hip-hop.
Early demo style complete with pop's & hiss.

1. We're the 2 MC's

2. Just What I Needed
3. Scope'n Out the Honeys (remix)

4. Crew jam
5. Hats
6. Laugh When I'm Cryin'

7. Scope'n Out the Honeys (original)